How to become an exhibitor

Advantages of trade fairs for marketing communication purposes:
  1. Increasing awareness of the company and its products
  2. Reaching existing and prospective clients
  3. Increasing profitability of sales
  4. Improving the corporate image
  5. Affecting clients’ attitudes

For many companies, trade fairs mean the year’s best opportunity for sales and an opportunity to meet existing and prospective clients. Trade fairs also allow companies to sway the opinions of those who influence purchasing decisions and who cannot be reached as part of regular sales visits.

Satisfied customers are the best indicators of a trade fair’s success. We survey customer satisfaction and are eager to listen to the views of our customers. Whenever we change the format of our trade fairs, we do so with the utmost respect for the needs of our customers and partners.

We want our exhibitors and visitors to benefit as much as possible from the 2018 EuroSafety trade fair. 

Welcome to the trade fair!

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